6В01511 – Geography and history

Code – name of the major:

6В01511 – Geography and history

Accreditation process (year of advancing, stage of advancing):

Education period:

Full-time: 4 years, 3 years

Degree awarded:

Bachelor of Education in specialty 6В01511-Geography and history

Sphere of professional activity:

– education (a geography teacher in a secondary school, lyceum, gymnasium, college, regardless of the forms property);
– management (departments of education and infrastructure, akimats and planning bodies, organizations of industries production and services sector, nature protection and ecology);
– science (research and design and design organizations for profiles: geography, geology, ecology, cartography)
– museum, archive, hydrology, seismology, geography of soils, etc.

Objects of professional activity:

Medium, medium-special and professional educational institutions, research organization, management, culture, archives, hydrometeorological and tourist stations, centers, out-of-school educational and upbringing institutions, etc.

Subject of professional activity:

Training, education, application of new technologies, preparation and publication of teaching aids

Kinds of professional activity:

– educational (pedagogical) work as: teachers of geography and elective courses in various educational institutions (schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges, etc.), the organizer of the tourist-local history and environmental work in the school;
– research: implementation of scientific research in relevant disciplines in various organizations (geography, geology, ecology, cartography, hydrology, meteorology, geography of soils, tourism, etc.);
– design, implementation of general and specialized developments in design and design organizations (topographic surveys, mapping, meteorological sites), environmental trails, recreation, watering, reconstruction, district planning (for example, industrial and social infrastructure, natural and socio-economic objects, etc.);
– production and management activities in state structures of different levels (departments education, akimats, departments of nature protection and land resources, tourism and local lore and
environmental organization, etc.); Expert activity in the position of experts in various organizations on security issues nature, nature management, population, regions, etc. (examination of projects, plans, programs, forecasts of the development of countries, cities, regions and rural areas. districts, evaluation procedures, justification of projects and etc.);
– organizational and technological activities in the as engineers in the monitoring system for natural environment, employees of land and environmental organizations, in the tourist-local lore and environmental institutions, etc.

Base of practice:

The secondary schools of the city of Aktobe and Aktyubinsk region, Aktyubinsk Regional Planetarium (Director – Bulekov K.Sh.), Aktyubinsk Regional Inspectorate for protection of historical and cultural heritage (director – Mamedov AM).