7М02201 – History

Cipher, the name of the specialty:

7М02201 – History

Accreditation (year of passage, the period of the):

Based on the results of the examination of the non-commercial external expert commission “Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating”, conducted in April 2015, successfully passed specialized accreditation for 5 years

Period of study:

Scientific and pedagogical direction-2 years;

Profile direction-1.5 years and 1 year.

Degree awarded:

Scientific and pedagogical direction:

Master of Arts in specialty 7М02201 – “History” 2 years.

Profile direction:

master of humanitarian knowledge in the specialty 7М02201 «History» 1.5 years and 1 year.

Field of professional activity:

The sphere of professional activity of the Master of Arts in specialty 7М02201 –“History” of the scientific and pedagogical direction is: pedagogical activity in the system of higher education, research work, management activities in the foreign economic and foreign policy areas

The objects of professional activity of graduate students are:

Republican, regional and district departments of public education, regional and district methodological centers, control and analytical services of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, republican, regional and district cultural organizations, state, departmental (including various private institutions) archives, historical museums, Scientific and research institutes, departmental research organizations.

Subject of professional activity:

  • historical sources;
  • National library fund;
  • educational and methodical literature;
  • special scientific research;
  • modern regulatory legal acts and documentation;
  • Methods of teaching history in educational institutions.

Types of professional activity:

Graduates of the master’s degree in the specialty 7М02201 – “History” can perform the following types of professional activity: with scientific and pedagogical training:

  • educational (pedagogical);
  • research;
  • expert-advisory;
  • cultural and educational.

Base of practice:

Department of  “History” at the ARSU named by K. Zhubanov, Aktobe Regional Museum of Local History, Aktobe Regional State Archives, Aktobe Regional Library named by S. Baishev.