6В11101 – Tourism

Cipher – name of the specialty:

6В11101 – Tourism (major – tourism, minor – translation, minor – marketing)

Passage of accreditation (year of passage, period of passage):

Based on the results of a non-commercial external audit expert commission “Independent Agency accreditation and rating “, eaten in October 2017 successfully passed a specialized accreditation

Training period:

Full time: 4 years, 3 years

Awarded degree:

Bachelor in the field of services for specialty 6В11101 – Tourism (major – tourism, minor – translation, minor – marketing)

Sphere of professional activity:

The industry of tourism and hospitality, as well as science, education, government regulation and other spheres of human activity, directly or indirectly, related to tourism.

Objects of professional activity:

– government bodies, related to the organization of tourism (ministries, akimats, their regional divisions and structures);
– public and private companies, engaged in tourist business;
– tourist consulting companies the profile;
– marketing services of tourist enterprises;
– objects of tourism infrastructure;
– educational institutions that train specialists middle level for tourism;
– research organizations, engaged in studying the problems of tourism development;
– advertising agencies engaged in promotion tourist services to the domestic and foreign markets;
– Master’s degree in Tourism;
– the organization of the Ministry of emergency situations;
– other organizations and companies, activities which is associated with the specializations established councils of universities.

Subjects of professional activity:

Tourist activity, tourist business

Types of professional activity:

– organizational and managerial;
– industrial and technological;
– service and maintenance;
– research;
– educational (pedagogical);
– tourist and recreational;
– preventive and search and rescue

Practical bases:

LLP “Zere Tour” (director Krambaeva B.H.), city station for young tourists (director Zhanaidarov Zh.T.), Aktobe regional Planetarium (director Bulekov K.Sh.), Aktobe Regional Inspectorate for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Heritage heritage (director Mamedov AM).